Other Suns: Pragmatism and Gender Roles

The coldness that George treats Ide Mae Gladney with while they labored as sharecroppers says much about gender roles in southern, black communities in the early twentieth century. To what extent did the legacy of slavery influence gender roles in their relationship? (49-50) Why did W.E.B. DuBois have such a sharp disagreement with Rufus Clement … More Other Suns: Pragmatism and Gender Roles

Warmth of Other Suns

Part of Robert Foster’s story takes places in Atlanta, Georgia, where he attended college at Morehouse, “a heavenly place,” and met Alice Clement, daughter of Atlanta University president Rufus Clement. Her family was well off. Wilkerson writes that the Clements lived in a mansion and that Mr. Clement had a driver. It would seem all … More Warmth of Other Suns