Second Prospectus

Prospectus: Second Draft Format Decision: Traditional paper. Multimedia, while available, is difficult to obtain for a Scalar project. Research question: How did the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act survive initial defeats and hold off five years of corporate lobbying until its passage in 1938? Framing the research question this way allows for exploring corporate interests … More Second Prospectus

Hartman-Frank Draft

Frank, Hartman, and the Origin of American Conservatism If we’re to understand the conservative movement and the great backlash that has been a crucial part of American politics for the last three generations, origins matter because moral high ground matters. The standard origin story for conservatism, one that Thomas Frank, author of What’s the Matter … More Hartman-Frank Draft

Frank Questions

Frank downplays race as a motive for the migration of the working class to the Republican party, choosing instead to focus on culture. Is he ignoring root causes when he does this? Frank uses abortion as a major event that turned workers away from the Democratic Party. Were they already primed to turn away after … More Frank Questions

Sugrue-Cowie Paper

Cowie-Sugrue Draft             Class is the chessboard, race is the chess piece. Class and race clash in negative economic environments, and in these negative environments, both concepts are essential to understanding US history. Asking which concept is more important glosses over the fact that class and race function differently in social history, that they operate … More Sugrue-Cowie Paper

Other Suns: Pragmatism and Gender Roles

The coldness that George treats Ide Mae Gladney with while they labored as sharecroppers says much about gender roles in southern, black communities in the early twentieth century. To what extent did the legacy of slavery influence gender roles in their relationship? (49-50) Why did W.E.B. DuBois have such a sharp disagreement with Rufus Clement … More Other Suns: Pragmatism and Gender Roles

Warmth of Other Suns

Part of Robert Foster’s story takes places in Atlanta, Georgia, where he attended college at Morehouse, “a heavenly place,” and met Alice Clement, daughter of Atlanta University president Rufus Clement. Her family was well off. Wilkerson writes that the Clements lived in a mansion and that Mr. Clement had a driver. It would seem all … More Warmth of Other Suns